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DMPSP has launched the BOANET Campaign. BOA ME NA, ME MMOA WO (“Help me and let me help you”) The BOANET .Forum is about Cooperation and Interdependence

clip_image002 The campaign aims to create a network amongst individuals from migrant and marginalized communities, civil society and faith based organizations that will provide a monitoring and support network.

Such a network will not only provide critical information (especially that related to possible violence) that allow for preventative measures to be implemented, but will also serve as a platform for information of relevance to dealing with displacement and relief to be easily disseminated.

The network is aimed at mobilizing individuals, communities and civil society organizations in providing emergency temporary relief to victims. This emergency relief allows a period of reprieve for effective support to be coordinated by relief agencies.

The BOANET campaign is focused on ensuring that the following emergency support or relief can be mobilized :

clip_image004> Blankets and Clothing

> Non perishable Food stuffs and Food Parcels.

> Provision of Meals.

> Provision of Emergency Shelter.

> Development of Home Sheltering Network.

> Counselling.

Organizations who can contribute should register by providing basic details of the organization and its capabilities via email to info@dmpsp.org.

The BOANET sms Portal is also now active. Individuals can register by sending an sms with the word “help” followed by the area they are in and the type of assistance they can provide. e.g. : “help Sandton Blankets” to 38083

The system has also been set up to create an information dissemination system for foreign migrants around issues of xenophobia etc. Foreign nationals can register on the system to receive info updates of relevance to them by sending an sms with the word “help” followed by country of origin and language of preference. e.g. : “help Congo French”..


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A fire at the informal settlement in Denver south of Johannesburg city center has claimed 2 lives and displaced approximately 300 people. The settlement at the Denver Main Hostel is home to thousands of Migrants from Kwa Zulu Natal and most of the homes are made of planks and zink. The fire destroyed approximately 170 homes.

IMG_2321 IMG_2343
DMPSP and MILITIA as well as a few Militia Cadets deployed yesterday to conduct an assessment and to distribute clothes to the displaced people. The city of Johannesburg Disaster Management has distributed about 100 blankets, but MUCH MUCH more is needed.

IMG_2331 IMG_2336 IMG_2348
We are urgently looking for contributions and donations. We need Food, Blankets, Clothing (especially for children) and Building Materials. If any can help please contact us or make a direct contribution to :

DMPSP Main Account
ABSA BAnk Acccount number : 9249365218
Branch Code : 632005
Sift Code : ABSAZAJJ
Reference ; DENVER FIRE

Please guys.. Help out.. People are desperate.. they have no work, no food, clothes or shelter.. These are people who have migrated to Gauteng from Rural KZN in search of jobs. We need your HELP.

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The strike by public service sector in South Africa has affected the provision of services to citizens, especially at Hospitals. 

DMPSP and Militia have deployed to Natalspruit Hospital in Katlehong on the East Rand since the 21 Aug 2010. 

Our DMPSP and Militia staff together with volunteers mobilized from communities and Militia Cadets have been extremely busy over the past week dealing with relief aid at the hospital.  We have been cleaning the hospital, feeding patients, distributing linen and other tasks required at such a large institution.

Daily accounts of our efforts as well as photos are available on our facebook group page. 

Just click on the facebook icon on the right of this page and read all about it.  We will be updating the facebook page more often during this intervention.

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Posted on Monday, February 1, 2010 in Current Events / Activities

Floods over the last week have affected the Gauteng, Free State, North West and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa. Most of the areas have suffered displacement of people due to the floods in varying degrees.

Gauteng Province has recorded the highest number of displaced and dead victims of flash floods. Worst hit areas have been the Phomolong – Tembisa and Palm Ridge areas on the East Rand.

On Tuesday DMPSP and Militia inspected Phomolong and Palm Ridge to assess damage and disseminate reports. On requesting assistance from the Salvation Army, the SA Germiston Unit has responded swiftly in providing assistance to the requested areas. Food, blankets and clothes were supplied by the mission to the displaced people in those areas.

DMPSP and Militia Personnel have been deployed assisting the victims of the floods in the area.

Palm Ridge

Approximately 300 families displaced by the floods highlighted the need for urgent humanitarian intervention. Almost 400 Shacks were flooded by water and mud and have become uninhabitable.

Communities are distressed by the local government ward councillor who did not even bother to visit the site of the disaster. Ekurhuleni Metro has responded to calls for help from community by providing an alternative area for shacks to be relocated to. 2 trucks and about 20 Red Ant personnel were sent to assist in the relocation.

People in the area are however frustrated with local government representatives and claim he has been selling stands for R 5000.00 in the area. There is no infrastructure and the area, its close to the river and prone to floods.

The situation in Palm springs is now stable. Some 187 shacks have been moved to the new site at Extension 9, but community leaders say that there is still approximately another 190 shacks which have suffered flood damage and are in critical need.

On the 28 th the trucks hired by the Ekurhuleni Metro did not visit the area at all to remove the shacks and belongings. Residents were frustrated as the rain has let up for a while and ground has dried sufficiently to allow the trucks to get nearer the affected areas thereby speeding up the process of removing the affected homes.

Ekurhuleni Disaster Management Manager – Mr Francois Kruger, assured DMPSP the the trucks were in the area removing the shacks and everything was “under control”.

DMPSP investigations however revealed that the trucks would not be coming back to remove any further shacks. Truck owners stated that the Metro had only paid them to move approximately 190 shacks, and they had completed the contract.

Residents of affected shacks are in real danger of further flooding as more rain is predicted.

DMPSP and Militia are on standby to be able to provide further assistance if required.

Phomolong – Tembisa

On Tuesday this area had already suffered 2 dead and almost 90 people displaced. Assistance was provided to displaced. The Salvation Army again provided food, blankets and clothes to those in need. The situation seemed stable. On Friday night the area was again hit by flash floods and this time although no deaths were recorded in this area, far greater damage was caused and approximately 200 families were left homeless.

Other Areas


A man has also been killed by flood waters at kaya sands.

2 people are suspected missing due to flood waters in the Vaal.

Flood waters have caused much damage along the Vaal River.

The Free State Rural areas near Welkom have also suffered as well as areas near de Aar in the Northern Cape.

DMPSP is making an urgent call to people and organizations to provide assistance. Our resources are limited and to date only the Salvation Army has responded in providing assistance to the management of this Disaster.

DMPSP would like to take this opportunity to relay criticism in the strongest possible way to the Government, Organizations and People of South Africa. We have seen Government, The Media, Organizations and the public in general making huge contributions towards the relief effort in Haiti.

Although we are sympathetic to the crisis in Haiti, we feel that our own needs are being neglected. Almost R 70 million has been raised so far for Haiti and nothing for our own people that are suffering as victims of the floods. Only DMPSP, Militia and the Salvation Army have responded to this humanitarian crisis.

We call on the public, media and organizations to assist in donating, providing logistical support, building materials and creating public awareness to help people in rebuilding their homes.

Thanking you for your much appreciated support.

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A mother and her toddler die, the bodies found 4 km away, when flash floods swept through their home on Monday in Phomolong, Tembisa on the East Rand.

The continuing rain over the past few weeks have created havoc for residents in Gauteng. The ground has become soaked and water no longer seeps into the ground creating rivers of water flowing through places where people in informal settlements have built their houses.

Those worst hit are shacks which have been built from plywood and cardboard materials which have simply disintegrated.

The area which seems to have a more acute problem at this time is the Palm Ridge Ext 9 area near Alrode in Alberton, where approximately 300 families have been affected. The continued expected rain this week will probably affect more families as constant soaking and flash floods affect more homes.

Ekhrululeni Disaster management have roped in the Red Ants, and contracted trucks to have the surviving shacks dismantled and moved to another portion of Ext which lies on higher ground.

This has been slow progress due to the fact that trucks provided by the Metro are unable to reach the low lying areas where shacks are built and the loading of shacks and personal belongings is a time consuming job. At present only approximately 50 shacks are being moved daily and a total of 168 shacks had been moved as of 27 January.

Tents have been set up at the new site to accommodate the displaced.

The people from these areas have been greatly affected as not only have their homes been damaged or swept away, but their food, clothing and bedding have been damaged or have become wet. The constant rain has also created a situation where clothing items and blankets do not dry.

The removal of the shacks from low lying areas seems to be under control but assistance is required with food and blankets.

Some of the people that have jobs or seek “piece” jobs on a daily basis are unable to attend to employment during this crisis and have no income for food etc. Many informal settlement dwellers derive their income from daily visits to town to acquire “piece” jobs.

In Phomolong, Tembisa near Kempton Park powerful flash floods simply swept some frail buildings, walls and shacks away. It has cause huge soil erosion and damage to many homes.

A mother and a toddller were swept away and found dead 4 km away from their home. The father managed to grab the and save two other children.

Approximately 47 adults and 34 children have been displaced at Phomolong and are currently being housed at the Phomolong old clinic. Community contributions have seen some clothing, and food been brought in, but assistance still required with regards to food and more blankets.

The Salvation Army has responded swiftly to calls for assistance and have been working tirelessly to provide food and blankets to the displaced in the affected areas. We thank them for their valued contribution.

Disaster Relief Contact details

Ekhrululeni Metro Disaster Manager Mr Francois Kruger on 0834681168

Palm Ridge

Mrs Ma Mgidi Khumalo which is the local community organiser on : 0711727464


Ekhurululeni Metro

Lindelani on : 0727652296

Lorraine Mokgatle on : 0839547294

Joburg Metro

Dr Masilo 0839980395

Salvation Army

Major Alistair Venter 083 282 0773

Thank you all for your assistance

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