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intelligence communications unit ALTERNATEThe Sibanye Heritage Rangers  is a joint project between the Youth Cadet Corps and the Displaced and Migrant Persons Support Program(DMPSP)  which has been initiated primarily to cater for school going youth on a part time basis and replace the part time component that was initially handled by the Youth Cadet Corps.

This project will primarily be run by the  DMPSP with its main focus on Heritage, Environment, Culture and Social Cohesion.

The project focuses on establishing ranger units in schools across the country, especially in areas considered to be volatile, and youth involved in such units will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  •  To promote cultural diversity and acceptance of all people in Afrika as Afrikans and children of Afrikan Soil.
  • Ensuring social cohesion amongst people of all races creeds, ethnicity and religions backgrounds by promoting  the principles of Ubuntu
  • To fight all forms of Discrimination, Alienation, Racism, and Xenophobia.DSCF0338alt
  • To minimize human impact on natural environment through greener living conditions and promoting recycling.
  • Maintaining and preserving the heritage and environment on our continent.
  • Healthy drug and crime free environment for the development of our youth.

We urge all youth still at school to become involved in forming units across the country that will be proactively involved in tackling the issues which affect our society and environment.

The activities which the SHR will be carrying out can be followed on their facebook page (click SHR fb link on right) and the SHR mobile app can be downloaded from google play or scan the following QR code. sibanye-qr



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