The fear of strangers or foreign people is often known officially as Xenophobia. It can not only be a fear of people they have not met, but of foreigners to their country and people with different beliefs. Xeno means stranger and phobia means to have a fear.

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The fear of foreigners and people different to ones self can be regarding anybody from a different culture to your own, people with different personalities, higher levels of confidence or just somebody who believes in different things to yourself. People speaking in a foreign language can also cause alarm for those suffering with this phobia or fear and will always give a cause for alarm.

Xenophobia is something not decided on, but more like a natural instinct to the person holding the fear. Suffering feeling these emotions strongly feel genuinely that people different to themselves in any shape or form could be something to be wary of, so they usually either confront or back well away from the potential danger.

There are many Xenophobics who suffer in such an extreme way that it causes them to become nasty and violent towards others. They can lash out and say rude and racist remarks. The majority of sufferers, however will stay calm and deal with it away from others in a safe place.

Throughout history and even today, tribes across the world follow some kind of Xenophobia and will fight any tribes different to themselves. This just shows how many different levels it comes it and how widespread it can be. Hitler was the most extreme active Xenophobic in his day and due to his extreme feelings, had millions of Jews gassed and killed. This was all because they were different to him so he had his soldiers do the dirty deed of destroying those that he took a strong dislike to.


A fire at the informal settlement in Denver south of Johannesburg city center has claimed 2 lives and displaced approximately 300 people. The settlement at the Denver Main Hostel is home to thousands of Migrants from Kwa Zulu Natal and most of the homes are made of planks and zink. The fire destroyed approximately 170 homes.

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DMPSP and MILITIA as well as a few Militia Cadets deployed yesterday to conduct an assessment and to distribute clothes to the displaced people. The city of Johannesburg Disaster Management has distributed about 100 blankets, but MUCH MUCH more is needed.

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We are urgently looking for contributions and donations. We need Food, Blankets, Clothing (especially for children) and Building Materials. If any can help please contact us or make a direct contribution to :

DMPSP Main Account
ABSA BAnk Acccount number : 9249365218
Branch Code : 632005
Sift Code : ABSAZAJJ
Reference ; DENVER FIRE

Please guys.. Help out.. People are desperate.. they have no work, no food, clothes or shelter.. These are people who have migrated to Gauteng from Rural KZN in search of jobs. We need your HELP.


Dmpsp would like to welcome Fred Scheifer and Dane Bauer from germany as our new volunteers for our Research and Emergency Support Team (REST).  Fred will be here with us for 12 months and Dane will be with us till March 2011.  Welcome guys, Hope you will enjoy and gain a meaningful   experience.


Fred Scheifer                         Dane Bauer

The strike by public service sector in South Africa has affected the provision of services to citizens, especially at Hospitals. 

DMPSP and Militia have deployed to Natalspruit Hospital in Katlehong on the East Rand since the 21 Aug 2010. 

Our DMPSP and Militia staff together with volunteers mobilized from communities and Militia Cadets have been extremely busy over the past week dealing with relief aid at the hospital.  We have been cleaning the hospital, feeding patients, distributing linen and other tasks required at such a large institution.

Daily accounts of our efforts as well as photos are available on our facebook group page. 

Just click on the facebook icon on the right of this page and read all about it.  We will be updating the facebook page more often during this intervention.


We have recieved 2 new volunteers as of 31 July 2010 from Mozambique which are part of the SaXchange program sponsored by the Southern Africa Trust and facilitated by AFS. Welcome guys.

Lina Zandamela  & Celso Miambo Both from Maputo Mozambique and will be with us until the 7 th December 2010

Hope you guys will have an enjoyable and productive time with us.

DMPSP and MILITIA have partnered up with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and HANSA (Humanitarian Assistance Network of South Africa to provide workshops in communities around Gauteng which are considered “Hot Spots” for xenophobic Violence.

The workshops are a “train the trainer” program and focus on the following topics :

The implication and Costs of Violence,

Conflict Resolution,

CPF – Community Police Forum

Pre Displacement Assessment Methodologies.

Post Displacement Assessment Methodologies.

So far we have conducted two workshops. Orange Farm on the 28 July 2010 and and Khutsong. on the 05 Aug 2010.

These have targeted relevant stakeholders in communities and have been well received, with firm commitments from communities in tackling the issues surrounding Xenophobia and Xenophobic related criminality in communities.

The workshops have the aim of creating forum network of community stakeholders that will take responsibility for activities in their communities :


Cooperation and Interdependence

BOA ME NA, ME MMOA WO (“Help me and let me help you”)

Objectives :

Boa net Forum forms a network of community based organizations and structures, with its main objectives in striving to :

Eradicate criminality, violence and conflict in communities.

Create community cohesion and interdependence.

Promote tolerance and understanding and cooperation amongst communities.

Create stability and development in communities.

Exchange Ideas, skills and information.

Create a support network amongst communities.

Maintain strong focus on ground level community work.

Promote youth development.

Responsibilities  :

Ensure that community street committees are functional and community awareness and sensitization campaigns are initiated to maintain momentum of community involvement in street committees.

Ensure that monitoring and reporting mechanisms and systems are in place in communities.

Ensure that Identification and Liaison with stakeholders in Community. ie. Local Govt Leaders / Community Organizations / Youth Groups / Faith Based Organizations / Taxi Associations, etc, takes place and maintain momentum of stakeholder involvement in community efforts.

Maintain strong involvement and liaison with SAPF / CPF’s and coordination of Stakeholder involvement in CPF structures and other campaigns.

Maintain community based Disaster Management Preparedness.

Cascade this Train the Trainer program in communities and organizations.

 Development of Community Cohesion Program / Activities as per individually identified initiatives in respective communities.

Maintain constant communication, information sharing, and networking with other Boa Net Communities.

DMPSP would like to welcome our two new volunteers that joined us from 17 July 2010.

Max Slaghok  & Mackenzi Kirkpatrick

Max is from  Stockholm Sweden which will be with us for the next 5 months. and Mackenzie is from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and will be with us for the next 10 months.

Welcome guys, hope you will enjoy your time with us and have memorable experiences.