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DMPSP has launched the BOANET Campaign. BOA ME NA, ME MMOA WO (“Help me and let me help you”) The BOANET .Forum is about Cooperation and Interdependence

clip_image002 The campaign aims to create a network amongst individuals from migrant and marginalized communities, civil society and faith based organizations that will provide a monitoring and support network.

Such a network will not only provide critical information (especially that related to possible violence) that allow for preventative measures to be implemented, but will also serve as a platform for information of relevance to dealing with displacement and relief to be easily disseminated.

The network is aimed at mobilizing individuals, communities and civil society organizations in providing emergency temporary relief to victims. This emergency relief allows a period of reprieve for effective support to be coordinated by relief agencies.

The BOANET campaign is focused on ensuring that the following emergency support or relief can be mobilized :

clip_image004> Blankets and Clothing

> Non perishable Food stuffs and Food Parcels.

> Provision of Meals.

> Provision of Emergency Shelter.

> Development of Home Sheltering Network.

> Counselling.

Organizations who can contribute should register by providing basic details of the organization and its capabilities via email to info@dmpsp.org.

The BOANET sms Portal is also now active. Individuals can register by sending an sms with the word “help” followed by the area they are in and the type of assistance they can provide. e.g. : “help Sandton Blankets” to 38083

The system has also been set up to create an information dissemination system for foreign migrants around issues of xenophobia etc. Foreign nationals can register on the system to receive info updates of relevance to them by sending an sms with the word “help” followed by country of origin and language of preference. e.g. : “help Congo French”..


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